10 Great Reasons to Launch an SMS Marketing Campaign for Your Business


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Any business, in any niche, that centers itself around customer interactions needs to continually examine – and often update – the way it interacts with both prospective customers and established buyers.

SMS marketing, also sometimes referred to as text message marketing, is a form of customer-centric marketing that is still, in many respects, not as well-known as some of the more traditional methods that a small business might turn to, such as TV , radio, newspapers or direct mail, or Internet marketing strategies like PPC campaigns.

However, businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop grocery stores and many. many others, are reaping the benefits of SMS marketing every day. Here are ten great reasons why you should consider adding text marketing to your overall promotional strategy:

1. These days most people check for three essentials things before they leave home – their wallet, their keys and their cell phone. People take their cell phones with them wherever they go, and many would be lost without them. This means that an SMS text message will get to them straight away, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. No other form of marketing has so much power to reach people so quickly or to reach them so effectively.

2. A traditional new ad campaign takes time to implement. For example, let’s imagine an Atlanta PEO company is launching a traditional marketing campaign. A text ad must be copy-written and proofed. A video must be shot, edited and then uploaded to an Internet site, a process that can take hours even with the fastest Internet connection. SMS text messaging is a very different prospect. The messages can be crafted in minutes and begin sending it almost immediately. It really is marketing made super easy.

3. By using text message marketing you are ensuring that your messages are only being sent to people who have expressed a past interest in what you have to offer. This means no wasted time on trying to sell to a prospect that is simply not that into you, allowing you to focus all your resources on those who are.

4. Text message marketing has been proven to be very effective. According to recent statistics SMS marketing can produce a conversion rate of anywhere from 30% to 65%. Considering that other marketing avenues such as TV, print or radio average a 1.5% conversion rate then the statistical advantage of SMS is easy to see.

5. The immediacy. Research has shown that 90% of text messages that a person receives are opened – and read – within fifteen minutes of it reaching their phone. There is no other marketing medium that can reach a prospect so directly and so quickly.

6. For something that is so effective, SMS marketing is surprisingly cost effective and affordable, offering an extremely high ROI. Each text message sent costs just a penny or so to send, a price that any other form of advertising would find hard to match.

7. It is not just teenagers who have a very short attention span these days, it is all of us in general. People still love receiving information, they just want to receive it as quickly as possible and in a nice direct manner, with no annoying filler and fluff. That is exactly what SMS marketing delivers, a brief, to the point message that is targeted directly to a prospect’s interest.

8. Text messaging is also very easy to track. You can easily find out just how well you message converted, when it converted and that make it very easy to determine what messages are working and what messages are not.

9. Creating a customer base has never been easier than it is with text message marketing. There is no need to waste money on special software to capture emails, or to send three different messages just to confirm that you have permission to send future messages, in the way you often have to with an email marketing campaign.

10. Smartphone use is still exploding. Did you know that 35% of smartphones users now access the Internet from their devices far more often than they do from a PC or laptop? Or that 85% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 own a cellphone, and 75% of children aged 13 – 17 do as well? Even for the over 65’s the rate of cell phone ownership – and regular use – is increasing. Whatever your niche, your customers and potential prospects are out there in the mobile universe, and SMS marketing is the perfect way to reach them.


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